NextGxDx Attends ICCG Conference

NextGxDx attended the ICCG (International Collaboration for Clinical Genomics) conference in Bethesda, Maryland last week.  This was one of the best genomics meetings we have ever seen!  The content was fantastic, and the attendees were enthusiastic.  Most of the major laboratories and genomic institutions were represented, and several international groups were there as well to share… Read More NextGxDx Attends ICCG Conference

NextGxDx Attends Health:Refactored Conference

NextGxDx attended the Health:Refactored conference in Silicon Valley last week. The conference was specifically targeted at developers and designers with the main goal of helping them build expertise in health technology. There were speakers from major industry players such as Microsoft, HHS, Kaiser Permanente, Rock Health, Allscripts, and athenahealth discussing innovation and providing guidance to… Read More NextGxDx Attends Health:Refactored Conference

Unlocking the Cancer Genome: Another Step Forward

Cancer genetic testing is normally categorized into two types: hereditary and tumor.  Hereditary testing is generally performed on blood samples of patients who have a family history of cancer, and can be done on genes linked to increased risk in developing specific cancers (examples: BRCA1 for breast cancer or EPCAM or MLH1 for Lynch Syndrome). … Read More Unlocking the Cancer Genome: Another Step Forward