Welcome Rob Metcalf, Our New CEO

By Mark Harris, PhD

It’s an exciting day for NextGxDx. Today we announce – and officially welcome – Rob Metcalf as our new Chief Executive Officer.

I couldn’t be happier to have Rob on our team. As we move from a startup to a growth-phase company, he brings the right skill set and experience to help us manage the business and accelerate our growth.

In addition, bringing him on board allows me to re-focus my attention on the areas where I’m most passionate in supporting the success of NexGxDx – product innovation and evangelism, and company vision and culture. In my new role as founder and Chief Innovation Officer, I’m directing my attention to advancing the NextGxDx product suite and its roadmap for the future. As our CEO, Rob will spend his time on our commercial strategy and execution, capital raising and executive recruitment and development, among other functions.

Rob came to us highly recommended by our friends in the tech community, and as I’ve gotten to know him over the past few months, I’ve been increasingly impressed with his experience, leadership style and drive for success. He has the right expertise and personality to fit seamlessly with our culture while simultaneously bringing a valuable new perspective and energy to our business.

Most recently, Rob led business and sales strategy for cognitive computing company Digital Reasoning, where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer. In that role, he led the company into the healthcare market for the first time and helped secure multiple rounds of capital investment. Prior to Digital Reasoning, Rob held a series of leadership positions with LexisNexis in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

I invite the entire NextGxDx family – our employees, our customers, investors and friends – to join me in welcoming Rob. With him as part of our team, we’ve never been better positioned for success.

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