[WEBINAR] Executives from UnitedHealthcare, Blue Shield of California Discuss Genetic Testing

We are pleased to announce this upcoming webinar featuring executives from UnitedHealthcare and Blue Shield of California discussing the present and future of genetic testing, and how their organizations are managing it.

Register at the link below for this in-depth discussion on cost, quality and value in the rapidly evolving space of genetic testing.  This event is free of charge.

Genetic Testing Management for Health Plans: Managing cost, quality and value in a rapidly evolving market.

December 15th, 2016
1pm-2pm Eastern / 10am-11am Pacific
Register here: link.

Advances in science and technology and the rise of personalized medicine are driving rapid growth in genetic testing. Spend for many health plans is rising more than 25% per year.

Managing this space, which spans across oncology, pharmacology, rare disease, women’s health and many other clinical areas, is uniquely challenging. There are more than 65,000 genetic testing products on the market, and 8-10 new products enter each day. Yet, fewer than 200 codes exist to bill these tests, and clinical utility data is often sparse and inconclusive.  As a result, health plans face the overlapping challenges of establishing medical policies, contracting with laboratories, paying claims correctly, and ultimately, serving their members, all in the presence of limited data and continual change.

In this webinar, health plan executives will discuss their perspectives on the present and future of genetic testing, and how their organizations are managing it.

Participants in the webinar will learn:

  1. Key reasons genetic testing is an area of focus for leading health plans;
  2. Perspectives on assessing clinical utility, establishing medical policy  – and ultimately, measuring value – when data is scarce;  
  3. Practical lessons from experience implementing utilization management programs; and
  4. Advice specifically for leaders who are just beginning to address genetic testing management for their health plan.

This event will also provide valuable insight to clinicians, hospital administrators and laboratory leaders who want to learn more about how health plans view these issues.

For further information, please visit the registration page here.

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